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Sunbeam Loves Me

February is all about love and Valentine's Day on February 14 is the ultimate opportunity to celebrate those we care about the most. While we most likely associate Valentine’s Day with candy, chocolates, flowers, and cards — let’s not forget the most special way to show our affection — Sunbeam Bread!

Throughout history and across our wonderful world, bread is the international symbol of love, friendship, and family. What better reason to give the gift of Sunbeam Bread this month! From sweets to sandwiches, check out these lovely recipes that will surely win their heart.

Heart-shaped Sandwiches: Lightly coat slices of Sunbeam Bread with olive oil and toast lightly on a grill press. Cut shapes with a heart cookie cutter, add your favorite cheese and deli meats and serve — adorable!

Valentine’s Tea Party Sandwiches: Kids will enjoy this delightful cherry almond cheese spread on Heart-shaped bread slices. Make them as a surprise or make them together — they are a great lunch that is wholesome and healthy.

Gouda Grilled Cheese with Sweet Onion: Lightly sautéed sliced onions in butter with Gouda cheese melted between two slices of toasted Sunbeam Bread — you will fall in love immediately!

Grilled Cheese Hearts in Tomato Soup: Nothing warms a belly like homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese — it’s the perfect lunch combo. Heart-shaped mini sandwiches (or even buttery, crusty croutons) will warms hearts, as well!

Japanese Fruit Sandwich: Made with fresh strawberries, sliced white bread and fresh whipped cream — a sweet twist on a traditional sandwich that will make you swoon!

Peanut Butter and Love Sandwich: Perfect for a surprise lunch box treat! Cut a heart in your child’s favorite slice of Sunbeam Bread and sprinkle with red and pink candies. Their little hearts will swell with love!

For more fun Valentine’s recipes, visit our Pinterest page “Sunbeam Love Me” at

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