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Sunbeam Bread is America's #1 Energy Treat!


Does the bread you buy have that extra-something your family needs? Take a look at the faces around your table when you pass the Sunbeam. Stop and think about what it means to know you are giving your family the very best nourishment your money can buy in Sunbeam Bread.

Just one taste and you will know what that extra something in Sunbeam is. It's the secret the bakers have learned about the kind of bread folks in town like the best. Energy-packed Sunbeam is extra delicious because it's baked just for your and your family. There are so many ways to enjoy Sunbeam — serve it soon, serve it often.

Right away, good eating is yours! You'll taste how fresher, more flavorful Sunbeam brings out all the goodness and makes your favorite foods an energy treat. Later, energy-packed Sunbeam Bread provides plenty of steady-burning, dependable energy. Energy that's there when you need it most — energy to use up in hours of active work or play.

Sunbeam Bread provides sound nourishment, too. Sunbeam give you three great food extras. Extra milk proteins for sturdy growth. Extra calcium for sound teeth and bones. And added Vitamin D, the important sunshine vitamin. These and other important vitamins and minerals in Sunbeam help you maintain day-to-day well being — the kind that builds glowing good health for keeps!

Here are some ideas for energy-packed meals:

Pig in a Blanket: Remove the crusts from slices of Sunbeam. Wrap around juicy frankfurters and fasten with toothpicks, Broil them fast and under high heat.

Bread and Jam: Plump luscious strawberry jam spread on velvety slices of Sunbeam. Mmmm, try it!

Ham and Cheese: Try this standby on delicious energy packed Sunbeam toast. It's a delightful snack any time!

Triple Decker: Pick your favorite combinations. There's double enjoyment when you stack the luscious Sunbeam.

Poached Egg on Toast: Crispy Sunbeam toast, evenly golden from crust, makes poached eggs an energy treat.

Old Favorite: Sunbeam and spread — there's no simpler snack than peanut butter on a luscious slice of Sunbeam Bread. It's top treat at any age.

Party Sandwiches: That fresh, flavorful Sunbeam Bread is a god start for many dainty party treats. Spicy fillings or sweet taste extra good on Sunbeam.

Bread Pudding: Why not make bread pudding with Sunbeam Bread tonight. It's a simple sweet — easy and quick to prepare. And so delicious, too.

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