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Sunbeam Bread’s Spookiest Halloween Fun!

To most kids, this time of year brings about dreaming of the fun they’ll have going door to door dressed as their favorite characters and collecting candy from friends and family. Food is the last thing on their minds. Sunbeam Bread’s Pinterest board “Spooky Halloween Fun” will provide you with a host a creative feast ideas for your cute little monsters, giving them something to eat before they head out to collect and indulge on all things sweet. There is also a graveyard full of ghoulish recipes for Halloween get-togethers and parties.

Sunbeam Bread burger buns are perfect for making all kinds of fun monster meals — from meatball sliders pumpkin burgers. Monster foods for a Halloween party are always a winner, and these are fun because they can all be made to look different — the scarier the better! Use your classic burger recipe and arrange the toppings and bun to look like a jack-o'-lantern. Simply cut "eyes" into the bread and top with a pepper stem.

Little ghouls will LOVE using Sunbeam Bread hot dog rolls to create a dismembered hand meal that they will happily gobble up like a pack of thirsty vampires at a blood bank! Carve details into the hot dog to look like a finger, nestled into the roll and drizzle with “bloody” ketchup. They are wickedly delicious!

Fresh slices of Sunbeam Bread will really get the Halloween creative juices flowing! Gooey grilled cheese sandwiches are super simple and the ingredients are flexible to fit anyone’s preferences — the kids just LOVE them! Cut pumpkin or black cat shapes for added fun. Add strips of cheese over sauce with black olive slices for eyes and have a mummified pizza party. Slather slices in quacamole and add a fierce Frankenstein face for a lunch no one will forget.

Halloween snacks for kids can be a real life saver during a few days of pure sugar overload. When kids are too excited to eat, get their mind back on track with a fun Halloween treat they simply cannot resist.

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