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Non-Edible Uses for Bread

Almost everyone has at least one loaf of bread on hand at any given time. After all, each American consumes, on average, 53 pounds of bread per year! But did you know this sandwich staple has some hidden household powers? Just one slice is all you need for these handy life hacks!

Safely Clean Up Broken Glass Next time you break a glass, use a slice of bread to pick up the tiny shards of. The porous texture of the bread will grab ahold of the pieces you can’t even see! Just be sure to throw out the piece of bread afterwards.

Absorb Odors Place one slice of bread in a small dish and pour some white vinegar over it. Place the dish in a stinky spot for a few hours (or overnight), and let the vinegar absorb any stinky odors in the room. It’s a simple, all-natural odor eliminator!

Degrease Soup Homemade soup, particularly meat stew, often has enough fat content for a layer of fat to rise to the top. If you notice a clear, fatty layer on top of your soup, just place a piece of bread on top for a few seconds. Let the bread soak up the fat and throw it out!

Keep Food Fresh The moisture in a slice of bread will help keep other foods soft and fresh. This works great for freshly-baked cookies, brown sugar, cake and marshmallows!

Clean Photos and Oil Paintings A slice of bread has the perfect texture for erasing smudges and cleaning dirt off of glossy pictures and oil paintings. It won’t damage the material, and it works amazingly well!

Absorb Odors While Cooking Vegetables Hate the stinky smell of cabbages or broccoli while cooking? Place a slice of bread on top of vegetables in the pot to eliminate smell.

Avoid Grease Fires Place a few slices of bread in the drip pan before broiling meat. Bread will soak up grease and will also decrease the amount of smoke.

Remove Burnt Flavor from Overcooked Rice Place a slice of bread on top of rice and place a pot lid on top. Wait for several minutes; bread should absorb the burnt flavor.

Remove Splinters Painlessly Soak bread in milk, place substance on top of splinter with a band-aid. Allow to dry overnight. Bread should pull splinter out of your skin.

Treat Calluses and Corns Soak a half-slice of stale bread in apple cider vinegar and tape bread to your foot overnight. Slip cotton sock on top for a less messy remedy.

Wipe Smudges Off the Wall Use a slice of bread to wipe dirty fingerprints and marks from painted walls or wallpaper.

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