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Miss Sunbeam Scores a Touchdown!

Throughout Sunbeam Bread’s history, there have been a multitude of promotional items that came with a fresh loaf of bread. One of the most exciting partnerships was that between Little Miss Sunbeam and the Fleer Trading Card Co. to promote the NFL and AFL. Everything from stickers to players cards were inserted into bread bags — to the delight of children and adults alike.

The helmet cards featured a specific team with a brief overview of the upcoming season. Popular throughout the 1970’s and 80’s, these cards were a sports collector’s dream. And helped increase bread sales and visibility of the teams during those decades.

The football teams were also featured prominently on the bread bags. Loaves were touted as “Training Table Bread,” that provided “gridiron grow power!” This deliciously different bread would satisfy everyone in the family and was the bread the NFL teams ate at every training table meal.

Training Table Bread had 100% of vitamins B and D, needed for body tone, good appetite, steady nerves and extra energy. 100% of iron built strong, red blood. Its high protein efficiency was necessary for extra energy, sound sturdy growth, and muscle-building power. 100% of calcium insured growing bodies strong, sturdy bones and sound healthy teeth. That’s true all-star nutrition in one eight-ounce slice!

Sunbeam Bread has been fueling bodies with energy-packed goodness for generations, on and off the playing field!

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