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Five Creative Hot Dog Bun Ideas for Kid-Friendly Fun!

Treat your kids to fun and creative hot dogs that will light up their day more than the hot July sun! Aside from it being National Hot Dog Month, the peak of summer is the best time to add some pizzazz to America’s favorite meal — the frankfurter. Check out these cool recipes — using fresh Sunbeam Bread buns — that will keep the family hungry for more.

Hot Dog Race Car Get ready, get set, go! What kid wouldn’t want to vroom around their plate with these awesome hot dog racers? Upgrade their summer lunch with a dog nestled into a delicious Sunbeam Bread bun. Add slices of cucumbers and cherry tomatoes for the wheels, and one for the driver. Just make sure to let them know the “finish line” is in their tummy — a surefire way to have them clean their plate. And they’re off!

Hot Dog Bread Bun A hot dog in a hot dog? Mind blown! With just two fresh Sunbeam Bread buns, follow these easy steps to create a head, legs, tail, body and ears of a dog. Then piece together, drop in the real hot dog, add the fixings, and you have an adorable treat for kids of all ages. This puppy will definitely make them smile!

Veggie Dog Sailboats This is a quick put-together recipe that will wow your kids, thinking you spent endless hours just for them. Nothing like an easy lunch or dinner option that awards you with the best mom or dad trophy. Use slices of veggies or fruit for the sails Place the boats in an ocean of red grapes and let them set sail off into the horizon on their fresh Sunbeam Bread bun. Ahoy, matey!

The Hot Dog Fairy This magical hot dog will grant your kids every dinner wish they ever wanted! A fun, clever snack that is downright delicious! Dress up this little hot dog fairy in a Sunbeam Bread bun, with a cheesy wand and pickle slice wings. A dream come true!

The Banana Split Dessert Dog Who says a “hot dog” is only for dinner? Swap out the dog for a fresh banana tucked into a soft Sunbeam Bread bun. Add strawberries, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, sprinkles, whipped cream…whatever your heart desires! The best part? Kids can eat these banana splits with their hands. Less messy, more fun, bigger smiles!

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