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Have a Holly Jolly Sunbeam Holiday!

‘Tis the season for Sunbeam fun! As the first half of the school year winds down, the kiddos will be home for the holidays — and hungry with excitement. As they count down the days to the best time of the year, treat them to some fun and festive Christmas and winter goodies leading up to the holidays and beyond. We’ve got some super fun Sunbeam Bread ideas that will make the whole family smile bright!

Snowman Snowball Sandwich

If you haven't come across them before, sandwich balls are exactly what they sound like­ — a ball-shaped sandwich with the filling inside. The filling can be sweet or savory. Ideally a spreadable food like cream cheese, tuna, hummus, peanut butter or jam. They make really cute party food for the Christmas season and are perfect for popping in lunch boxes, too. Don’t worry about the unused crusts — just pop them in a bag in the freezer to be used breadcrumbs when needed. These snowmen are a fun little treat for a wintery occasion.

Star Window Sandwich

Who wouldn’t enjoy eating one of these adorable window sandwiches? They are so easy to make and perfect for lunch or to take to a children’s party. Simply begin by buttering one piece of bread and using the large cookie cutter to create the outer shape. Spread or sprinkle the filling. Use both the large and small cookie cutter to create the shape that will become the ‘lid’ of your sandwich. The middle star can later become decoration if you choose.

Sandwich Wreath

Charcuterie boards are everywhere these days, and it seems that there’s a theme for just about everything. With that in mind, why not create wreath-shaped charcuterie boards for Christmastime? This Holiday Sandwich Wreath is super easy to make. Put together a variety of different sandwiches, then use cookie cutters to make holiday shapes. Arrange on a board or platter for a festive centerpiece to any gathering.

Christmas Tree Tea Sandwiches

These sweet little Christmas tree sandwiches are as eye-catching as they are delicious. Spread a thin layer of veggie cream cheese, then add slices of fresh cucumber to create the branches. They are fun and festive; and will be gone in the blink of an eye!

Christmas Shaped Treats

For an alternate take on the tree sandwich, use your cookie cutters to make this sweeter version. Decorate with a thin line of green icing for garland and add Christmas light sprinkle. The sweetness of the candies with the soft bread texture is a delight for all ages! More fun shapes for Christmas — stars and mittens! Add red jelly or jam in the middle to bring out the fun festive color of the holidays!

Winter Character Delights

To really bring a dazzle to your children’s’ eyes, try these fun character sandwiches! From Rudolph with hot dog antlers, and Santa with a cheese beard, to a Frosty with blueberry eyes — these fun sandwich friends are as tasty as they are a healthy snack.

For these and more fun Sunbeam Bread Christmas treat ideas, check out our Pinterest page “Santa’s Sunbeam Lunchables” at

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