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Sunbeam Bread Fruit Sandwiches for All Seasons

No other fruit reminds us of the fall than the crisp coolness of apples. There’s truth to the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” A large apple has about 115 calories and five grams of fiber, and the fruit’s polyphenols and fiber help balance gut bacteria. But don’t peel it: Two thirds of the anti­oxidants and much of its fiber are in the skin. There are more than 2,500 of variety of apples grown in the United States. And with all those apple varieties to choose from, what better way to enjoy them than with fresh, wholesome Sunbeam Bread!

Apple Orchard Sandwich

With tart apples, smooth apple butter, meaty turkey and fresh Sunbeam Bread, these sweet and savory apple orchard sandwiches are just what your lunchbox needs! Granny Smith apples are tart and crisp; they perfectly compliment the sweetness of the apple butter and saltiness of the turkey. Pile the meat high so the protein will keep you satisfied and feeling full.

Apple Chicken Salad Sandwich

Chicken salad filled with sweet Honeycrisp apples, crunchy candied walnuts and a hint of tarragon is a cool and creamy offering kissed with sweet and savory flavor! Perfect spooned onto toasted Sunbeam Bread, it's a delicious salad to pack for an on-the-go lunch! This cool, creamy chicken salad recipe is also the perfect item for an easy-breezy picnic lunch. For an added pizzazz, sprinkle in a bit of parsley and fragrant tarragon for fresh, herby flavor.

Apple, Arugula and Brie Panini with Honey Butter

Be ready to be wowed! One bite of this French inspired apple, arugula and brie panini with honey butter and you’re on a one-way trip to France! Oozing with delicious buttery, nutty brie cheese, slightly sweet honey butter, sour-ish green apples and peppery arugula — ooh la la! This could quite possible be the most perfect Sunbeam Bread sandwich of all time!

Apple Jamon Fontina Grilled Cheese

This sweet and savory Sunbeam Bread sandwich is one everyone will devour! The sweet apples, the salty jamon, and the creamy Fontina all come together in this decadently delicious grilled cheese sandwich. They’re easily grilled up on a griddle!

Honey, Apple, Bacon, and Cheddar Panini

Butter your Sunbeam Bread, layer it with apple butter, cheese, fresh apples, bacon, honey, and a sprinkle of fresh lemon thyme. Then melt everything together in a Panini press. If you don’t have a Panini press, just make it on the stove top. It’s sweet, salty, and extra cheesy. Slice the apples thin so that they soften up while cooking and then as soon as the sandwich comes out of the Panini press, drizzle it with a touch more of honey and a sprinkle of fresh thyme.

Apple Balsamic Onion Grilled Cheese

Turn a run of the mill grilled cheese sandwich into a work of art! This Apple Balsamic Onion Grilled Cheese sandwich is a quick and easy meal bursting with amazing flavors. Sweet balsamic onions pair with crispy sweet apples and melted cheddar for a vegetarian recipe that is filling and delicious. The way the apple adds crunch and a bit of sweet, then with the balsamic onions bringing such a savory depth to everything, and on buttery toasted Sunbeam Bread… just amazing!

Turkey Apple Cheddar Sandwich While this is a yummy Sunbeam Bread sandwich any time of the year, consider saving this recipe closer to Thanksgiving. Whether you use deli turkey or juicy left-over roasted turkey, the delicious flavor and texture combo of the poultry and Fuji apple slices is as wholesome as it is satisfying.

For more mouth-watering apple recipes, check out our Fruit Sandwiches for All Season Pinterest board —

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