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Bread Superstitions – What do You Believe?

March is all about celebrating luck! But did you know that there are old world superstitions that believe bread could bring you good or bad luck? Sound silly? Let’s cut through some bread superstitions and you can decide for yourself.

Cutting the Bread

According to superstition, it really matters how you cut your bread. If you cut the loaf evenly, it will bring you good luck. Some even say it will bring you success and wealth! Take note: Sunbeam Bread is ALWAYS cut evenly. If you cut the top half of a loaf of bread, you may just be securing your place at the top half of society. If you cut your bread unevenly, it proclaims there is something that you haven’t been completely truthful about. Thank goodness for bread cutting machines!

Dropping Bread and Butter

If you accidentally drop a slice of bread with butter, you need to pay attention on how it lands. If the slice of bread lands with the butter side down facing the floor, it foretells you will soon receive a visitor. Hurry up and clean up the mess and make your home presentable!

Say “Bread and Butter”

When going for a walk with a friend or loved one, if you need to split up — even for a few seconds — to walk on either sides of a pole or another person who walks between you, both of you need to immediately say “bread and butter.” According to superstition, saying “bread and butter” will help prevent your friendship from ever being broken.

Bread and Mother-In-Laws

If you feel uncertain about whether your mother-in-law likes you or not, here is some wacky advice. Start eating the end piece (heel) of the bread and your mother-in-law will soon love you. At least that is what many Greeks claim and they should know!

Bread and Fire

Never ever throw breadcrumbs into a fire! Many used to believe you were feeding the devil by doing so. Others said that those who threw bread into the fire were sure to go hungry before long. In either case it was a bad omen. Many Catholic children in the past may have been warned that throwing bread into the fire would make the Virgin Mary cry. You never wanted to be on the bad side of the Virgin Mary! Also, any dough that is set near to a fire to make it rise should be marked with a cross to prevent the devil from sitting on it.

Bread Upside Down

This is a long-lived superstition. Whatever you do, never place your bread upside down on your table or counter. If you do, you are supposedly inviting the devil into your home. Families of sailors and fishermen had a different explanation. They said that if you place a bread upside down on a table it foretold a shipwreck.

The Last Piece of Bread

Helping yourself to the last piece of bread on a plate is considered very unlucky. No matter how hungry you still are, leave that last slice alone! For any unmarried person, taking the last piece of bread without it being offered to you implies that you will never marry. On the other hand, if someone offers you the last piece of bread and butter, you must accept it with a big smile and you will have luck with either money or love!

Hot Cross Buns

In Britain, it is quite common to make loaves of bread or buns with a cross. Bread made in this manner allegedly protects the household from witches. Hot cross buns were also considered magical, but only if they were made on Good Friday of the Easter week. Believers took one of these cross-marked buns and hung it up to dry and harden for one year. It protected the household from misfortune and fire.

Bread Rising Well

If the bread dough you mad is rising well, consider yourself a successful baker. Well done! According to superstition, a bread that rises well is a sure sign that someone who loves you is thinking about you at that very time. Maybe you should call up that special person and invite her or him over to taste your delicious bread!

Dreaming about Bread

If you are one of the many who has dreams about bread, consider yourself lucky! Dreaming about bread is always a good omen. Expect happy times ahead and the receiver of good news!

And if you are dreaming about bread, we’re sure it is the delicious wholesomeness of Sunbeam Bread — now THAT’s lucky!

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