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Sunbeam Bread Dough Christmas Ornaments


‘Tis the season for festive decorating and what’s more fun than making your own Christmas ornaments? Sunbeam Bread Dough is easy to make and the perfect afternoon craft for kids and adults alike! With a few drops of food coloring, you can create vibrant holiday colors. This sturdy, dense dough works well with cookie cutters or stamps.

To make bread dough, you'll need a fresh loaf of white Sunbeam Bread. You can either tear the slices of white bread into small bits by hand (don't use the crusts) or add them to a food processor or blender (much easier). Next, portion out your bread "crumbs" into piles for each color dough you wish to make. Keep about a half a cup of plain crumbs to the side in case any of your doughs are too wet.

Add color to your bread crumb piles. Both liquid watercolors or food coloring will work. Mix the crumbs a bit to distribute the color as best you can. Next add a few drops of lemon juice and work them through the crumbs. Lemon juice inhibits mold.

Finally, add some Elmer’s School Glue to your colored breadcrumbs. It really does not take much, so err on the side of adding too little (just enough so your dough barely holds together). Knead the dough for several minutes to distribute the glue, break down the bread, and distribute the color. If your dough is sticking to your hands, add more of the plain breadcrumbs you set to the side and work them in. If your dough is not holding together and just crumbling everywhere, add small amounts of glue and work it in.

Your dough should look like Playdoh and feel dense. With a rolling pin, roll out a flat slab and start cutting out your shapes! Decorate with multiple colors and smaller pieces. Don’t forget to add a hole at the top for a ribbon (tip: use a drinking straw).

When you're done creating, lay your ornaments out to dry. It will take up to 48 hours for them to completely dry (flip the ornaments at the 24-hour mark to allow the backs to dry.) Once they are completely dry, add a clear finish spray to seal them and protect them against moisture. Add pretty ribbon to the top of each ornament and you are ready to hand them on the tree! These ornaments make great small gifts for neighbors, teachers, family, or friends!

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