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American Bakers Association

Allergen Statement

The wholesale baking sector prioritizes consumer safety.


The American Bakers Association and its members are anticipating the January 1, 2023 implementation of the FASTER Act (Pub. L. 117-11), which amended the definition of major food allergen in the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act to include sesame. Baking companies are working with their customers, including restaurants, to transparently disclose any allergen labeling changes to help ensure consumer safety.


The Association strongly supports the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) guidance for consumers to always read ingredient labels and to check with the manufacturer if they are unsure whether a food product contains specific ingredients.


ABA echoes the FDA’s reminder that foods already in interstate commerce before 2023, including those on retail shelves, do not need to be removed from the marketplace or relabeled to declare sesame as an allergen, so some foods on shelves after the new year may contain sesame but not yet be labeled in accordance with the FASTER Act. Consumers should check with the manufacturer if they are not sure whether a food product contains sesame.

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