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Quality Bakers of America - a leader in bakery management.

Quality Bakers of America creative influence has helped shape the U.S. baking industry into what it is today.

An impressive list of technical, administrative and marketing firsts has stamped QBA a leader in

every field of bakery management. One of the nation’s most popular bakery trademarks, Miss Sunbeam®, originated in 1942 to represent a quality line of bakery products for QBA member companies.

Today, Sunbeam® sales are in excess of $400 million annually, making it one of America’s leading brands.

Preparing Dough

Marketing America's leading quality bakery brand since 1942.


The brand

The Sunbeam brand was first introduced by the

Quality Bakers of America, a baking cooperative.

First baked and sold in the Philadelphia, PA area in 1942, Sunbeam bread was an immediate success. The brand really took off with the end of World War II, when more bakers across the country were franchised to bake and market the bread. With a reputation for being nutritious and wholesome, Sunbeam bread became a dietary mainstay in American homes.


Customers say

what our

I have to drive about

30 miles away to Sandusky, Ohio to buy Sunbeam bread, but when it comes to freshness, and a shelf life as compared to other breads, it's worth the drive."


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