Little Miss Sunbeam Story

The image of Miss Sunbeam® was created by a well known children’s book illustrator named Ellen Segner during the early 1940’s. Miss Sunbeam® was drawn from life by Ellen Segner in Washington Square Park in New York City and was based upon her observation over several days of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed little girl playing in the park. From these drawings, she developed the original oil painting of Miss Sunbeam®, which hangs today in the offices of Quality Bakers of America. Ellen Segner produced over 30 original oil paintings of Miss Sunbeam® that were used for print and outdoor advertising in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s across the USA.

Sunbeam® White Bread was first marketed in the Philadelphia, PA area in 1942, where it was an immediate success. After the Second World War ended, many bakers across the United States began to bake the Miss Sunbeam® Brand as members of the Quality Bakers of America Cooperative. Today approximately 40 bakeries covering the US from coast to coast bake and distribute Miss Sunbeam® breads and rolls.

Little Miss Sunbeam®, an enduring childhood image for generations and one of our country’s best loved brands.


Sunbeam Bread Kids from Quality Bakers on Vimeo.

Sunbeam Bread Family from Quality Bakers on Vimeo.